Your @WorldSeries Winner Picks

Today we gave away MLB caps to 2 fans in the latest @MLB Twitter Giveaway. All you had to do was reply to @MLB and fill in the blank for this tweet:

The coolest part about this impromptu giveaway was that it allowed us to take a real-time, real-life snapshot of fan opinion about which team will win the 2010 World Series. It is far from scientific, but thought you would be interested in the results. First I looked at the first 100 replies, and it was all Yankees. Then I decided to look at the next 100 to let more time tick off, removing the likelihood of bloc tweeting (my friend tweeted it and I saw it then tweeted the same). So here are the results of the first 200 replies:

Yankees – 41
Phillies – 21
Cubs – 15
Dodgers – 15
Red Sox – 13
Cardinals – 10
Twins – 10
Braves – 7
Mariners – 7
Mets – 7
Giants – 6
Rangers – 6
White Sox – 6
Athletics – 5
Pirates – 5
Indians – 5
Reds – 4
Angels – 3
Marlins – 3
Rockies – 3
Rays – 2
Royals – 2
Tigers – 2
Astros – 1
Brewers – 1

Again, not even close to scientific — Central time zone could have been on lunch and away from computer. But with 12 days to go before Opening Day, one busy afternoon at the MLB offices, this is how the tweets came in and take that for what it’s worth.


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