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Official @MLB Hashtags

#Postseason it is!

That is the single ubertag that 100s of MLB Tweeps including @MLB will be using now through the @WorldSeries parade. The Postseason is synomous with Baseball.

These are the official Major League Baseball club hashtags used widely by fans — and in our apps such as At Bat, MLB.TV and Gameday: #mlb
#whitesox #yankees


(for @AllStarGame) #ASG #HRDerby


Please let us know when you also have a hashtag that is important to spread around the Baseball community! Thanks

Your @WorldSeries Winner Picks

Today we gave away MLB caps to 2 fans in the latest @MLB Twitter Giveaway. All you had to do was reply to @MLB and fill in the blank for this tweet:

The coolest part about this impromptu giveaway was that it allowed us to take a real-time, real-life snapshot of fan opinion about which team will win the 2010 World Series. It is far from scientific, but thought you would be interested in the results. First I looked at the first 100 replies, and it was all Yankees. Then I decided to look at the next 100 to let more time tick off, removing the likelihood of bloc tweeting (my friend tweeted it and I saw it then tweeted the same). So here are the results of the first 200 replies:

Yankees – 41
Phillies – 21
Cubs – 15
Dodgers – 15
Red Sox – 13
Cardinals – 10
Twins – 10
Braves – 7
Mariners – 7
Mets – 7
Giants – 6
Rangers – 6
White Sox – 6
Athletics – 5
Pirates – 5
Indians – 5
Reds – 4
Angels – 3
Marlins – 3
Rockies – 3
Rays – 2
Royals – 2
Tigers – 2
Astros – 1
Brewers – 1

Again, not even close to scientific — Central time zone could have been on lunch and away from computer. But with 12 days to go before Opening Day, one busy afternoon at the MLB offices, this is how the tweets came in and take that for what it’s worth.

Our new @MLB blog

THANKS to all of our fans on Twitter!!!

Just created this blog on because sometimes 140 characters is just not enough. This blog will be used frequently to support our main @MLB account on Twitter. For example, what you see already here: The ONLY official/verified list of MLB players on Twitter; updates on all of our 200+ MLB Tweeps; super followers; the occasional Jack Nicholson shot because you are allowed to freely use AP/Getty images under the umbrella of; the Twitter Giveaway legal rules; and whatever else becomes necessary.

It has been a fast summer of growing on Twitter. Major League Baseball is believed to be the largest single entity on Twitter in terms of multiple accounts; Marvel had about 80. We should be around 300 shortly. According to our contact within Twitter’s corporate offices, we have by far more accounts than any other single entity globally, so go by cumulative follower #s if you’re counting for MLB vs. anyone else. Go to and click your favorite team’s logo, and you can see how to connect with your favorite team in many ways. Be sure to join your team’s official Facebook page there, or the MLB official Facebook page.

We now have the official MLB Club site’s URL name as the Twitter account name in almost every case, with some rare exceptions. Those are in some cases works in progress, and if you go to that Connect page and follow your Twitters, then you will see everything continue to grow in this important aspect of baseball life. Keep following and keep sending us tweets, and keep spreading the word so we can hit a million! We’ll keep delivering contests and hopefully some tweets worth seeing. We tend to tweet a lot, so keep that in mind if you have our tweets on a mobile device. These are the big leagues and there is big news all the time!

Meet our 300,000th follower

In case you missed it, we posted this twitpic of lucky 300,000th follower @AndrewGMarks this past week on the @MLB Twitter. He just happened to live in the same general area as our HQ in Manhattan, so we invited him on up and gave him a couple of Braves caps, talked some baseball, gave him the nickel tour of our historic building, took the twitpic in our lobby, and then sent him to the showers. He’s a good guy so follow him and say hi. Already well on our way to No. 400,000.

MLB_Andrew2 (2).JPG

Heeeeere’s Jack


Jack Nicholson with Lorne Michaels at tonight’s Yankees home game vs. Rangers. AP Photo just moved this, meaning you’re too late if you were going to post a twitpic of Jack for @MLB and win the free Yankees cap offer. And congrats to @amandarykoff for winning the Yankees cap from the Shop because she posted a twitpic from the scene of Paul McCartney being recognized on the giant scoreboard there as Yankees Fan of the Game during the seventh inning. That’ll work! Congrats, Amanda! You beat all the pro photogs tonight!!!

Official Rules for Twitter Giveaways

Sorry to hit you with the legalese, but you’re too big a crowd and we’re under orders.

Official Rules for Twitter Giveaways:

Employees, officers,
directors, representatives and agents of any MLB entity and each of
their respective parents, subsidiaries & affiliated companies and
their immediate families and those living in their same household,
whether or not related, are not eligible for any @MLB giveaway. @MLB
will determine giveaway recipients in its sole and absolute discretion.
If you have received an @MLB giveaway in the last 30 days, you’re not
eligible. If you live more than 100 miles from the ballpark where a
game for which tickets are being given away will be played, you are not
eligible for that ticket giveaway. If a giveaway recipient is
determined to be ineligible, @MLB may, in its sole and absolute
discretion, not give away the goods or ticket(s) or may give the goods
or ticket(s) to the next eligible follower. You will be required to
privately (through Twitter direct message or email) provide your name
and address if you are selected as a giveaway recipient. @MLB will not
keep or store your information or use it for any purpose other than
sending your giveaway item(s) or providing you information on receiving
the item(s). Giveaways are subject to all applicable federal, state and
local laws, rules or regulations.

Visit us @MLB