Our new @MLB blog

THANKS to all of our fans on Twitter!!!

Just created this blog on MLB.com/blogs because sometimes 140 characters is just not enough. This blog will be used frequently to support our main @MLB account on Twitter. For example, what you see already here: The ONLY official/verified list of MLB players on Twitter; updates on all of our 200+ MLB Tweeps; super followers; the occasional Jack Nicholson shot because you are allowed to freely use AP/Getty images under the umbrella of MLB.com/blogs; the Twitter Giveaway legal rules; and whatever else becomes necessary.

It has been a fast summer of growing on Twitter. Major League Baseball is believed to be the largest single entity on Twitter in terms of multiple accounts; Marvel had about 80. We should be around 300 shortly. According to our contact within Twitter’s corporate offices, we have by far more accounts than any other single entity globally, so go by cumulative follower #s if you’re counting for MLB vs. anyone else. Go to MLB.com/connect and click your favorite team’s logo, and you can see how to connect with your favorite team in many ways. Be sure to join your team’s official Facebook page there, or the MLB official Facebook page.

We now have the official MLB Club site’s URL name as the Twitter account name in almost every case, with some rare exceptions. Those are in some cases works in progress, and if you go to that Connect page and follow your Twitters, then you will see everything continue to grow in this important aspect of baseball life. Keep following and keep sending us tweets, and keep spreading the word so we can hit a million! We’ll keep delivering contests and hopefully some tweets worth seeing. We tend to tweet a lot, so keep that in mind if you have our tweets on a mobile device. These are the big leagues and there is big news all the time!

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